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Data has become an integral part of our world today, especially for businesses within eCommerce. You want to understand how your customers interact with your site and products so that you can provide a great service. This is where data insights can be a great addition to your marketing process.

eCommerce data insights can enable your business to take the best course of action which takes the guesswork out of improving customer experience and boosting sales. We take care of the data analysis for you and deep dive into your ecommerce brand in order to gather relevant information for optimised growth. Our team of experts utilise data to gain insights that help you understand trends and changes that may be correlating with shifts in your industry.

As a web analytics agency, we will also help you crucial your data in making critical business decisions that help in the performance of your business, not just in the short-term, but long term. This way your eCommerce business is in a position to be ready for any market changes in the future.



Our love for data comes from the potential it brings to construct strategies and roadmaps that enable us to be creative for eCommerce brands. As data drive marketing agency, we always aim to spot any opportunities within your industry that can aid in the growth, awareness and positioning of not only your eCommerce store but your brand.

Our data insights will enable you to develop marketing campaigns that come from a proactive position based on spikes and trends within your industry, that way you can have the time to create creative campaigns that enable you to make the most of seasonalities and trends.



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We have a strong focus on ensuring the guidance and reporting we give to our eCommerce clients is backed by data and performance and results. This gives the ability to provide you with a series of options as to the course of action to take for your site.

We will take the guesswork out of the equation so that your marketing is backed by clear data which we can utilise to tell a clear and accurate story to optimise the performance of your campaigns.

Results driven.

Like knowledge, data is great, but applied data is even better! We place a strong emphasis on ensuring that the data insights we acquire for your eCommerce is geared towards bringing results.

As a digital analytics agency, we will use data to create a clear picture for your eCommerce brand that can guide you towards taking action that steers you towards results that bring success.


This is the fun part for us! Through our partnership, we will aim to first understand your eCommerce brand so that the data we collate can be constructed to provide you with bespoke data insights for your specific targets and goals, which is part of our digital analytics services.

Integrative in the marketing process.

Whether you’re looking for data insights for Google ads, or paid social campaigns, our data driven marketing insights will always integrate with your current marketing processes if you’re underway with existing campaigns.

Our data insights team will provide you with insights and actionable steps to seamlessly integrate the data insights into your marketing strategy, saving you time in planning how to integrate these insights into an existing strategy.

Deepen understanding of customers.

Our data-driven marketing will provide you with a better understanding of how your customers behave, interact and p with your eCommerce store. As a web analytics agency, we aim to ensure that you understand your customers so that you can optimise the customer journey.


Why use data insights?

Data insights provide an eCommerce brand with a landscape of their performance and results through a lens backed by real-world data. From a marketing perspective, this creates an opportunity to utilise marketing data insights to improve campaign performance. With the right web analytics agency, you can receive data that can help you take the best course towards achieving your goals.

Why choose Circulate as your data insights agency?

We are a data-driven marketing agency. Everything we do with our eCommerce partners revolves around recommendations, guidance and task execution that is backed by data.

We understand that marketing data insights vary for eCommerce, which is why we prioritise understanding your brand.

What makes Circulate different as a data insights agency?

As a web analytics agency, we value understanding your brand. We look to provide a clear story of your brand from a performance-based analysis. Your brand story will be focused on ensuring you get the best results for your campaigns. 

How can you expect to see results from data insights?

As this varies for each eCommerce brand, our structured approach will consist of a roadmap that defines clear objectives through relevant data, analysing it using statistical and analytical techniques, and extracting meaningful insights, you can gain valuable information.

This roadmap will then provide a timeline that you can work towards, which we’ll communicate through visualisation.

How do you report on data insights?

We will carry out an analysis of the implemented actions deriving from our initial insights. We will carry out monthly reports that look at the performance of the actions taken from our insights so you gain clear feedback for your marketing campaigns.

This will provide clear feedback as to the best course of action for your eCommerce brand, which we’ll be on hand to provide guidance on.

How detailed are your data insights?

Our insights are tied to understanding your eCommerce brand. This looks at goals, objectives, products, customers and various metrics. From understanding the landscape of your business in relation to your industry, we collate relevant data that directly correlates with your brand’s areas of focus, that way you not only have data, but actionable insights that can be utilised to make informed decisions.

Do you offer other services?

We are a full-service digital analytics agency that provides a range of marketing services for eCommerce brands consisting of: