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What is a website migration?

Let’s start by saying… if you’re thinking of changing the URL structure of your website and its content, location, UX or platform then you need to make sure that you have a website migration strategy in place.

A website migration allows you to inform search engines that you’re migrating from an old website to a new website. This means that if you’re retiring old you need to put in the appropriate measures to ensure that you don’t lose visibility. In actual fact, moving over to a new website should give you a good boost in visibility if done correctly.

Why is a website migration so important?

Without a well thought out website migration, you could see your visibility drop massively. If you don’t inform search engines of this change and put in the necessary work to redirect old content to the new relevant pages then all your previous hard work will become lost!

You also need to ensure that if you have put in any work around your onsite SEO such as keyword mapping and metadata optimisation then this is reflected on the new pages. You don’t want to be shaking things up too much so try to keep these consistent throughout your migration. We can help you on this!

We can be your hero baby...

At Circulate we’ve managed many website migrations and been the superheroes when businesses come to us with failed migrations.

We’ll get your website health back on track and have you smashing your marketing and website migration strategies in no time.

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AYM Website Migration

Early in 2018, we assisted BoomBoom The Label migrate their domain over to AYM-Studio.

Following our migration support, there was a minimal drop in traffic and within 3 months, the new website had overtaken the previous domain for traffic and conversions – something that usually takes a minimum of 6 months.

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